The trial pack is designed for the first time buyer only. This is kit has everything you need to try our line on 1 person. The new KERATINWORKS system is a revolutionary smoothing system which uses a new thermal technology, sealing hair with Keratin at a low pH level and with NO FORMALDEHYDE. The result is smoother, healthier, softer, and shinier hair. This product is safe, does not burn the eyes, nor irritates the throat, yet yields fabulous results! NO TOXIC FUMES! With proper maintenance, it will last up to 6 months.


This kit consists of:

Step 1(Keratinworks Clarifying Shampoo - 50 ml)

Step 2(Keratinworks Smoothing Treatment - 60ml spray bottle)

Step 2(Keratinworks Smoothing Treatment - 80ml)

Step 3(Keratinworks Stabilizing Mask - 30ml)

Fight the Yellow Violet Solution 2+ - 15ml)

Step 3(Keratinworks Violet Stabilizing Mask for blonds - 15ml)

Keratinworks post-keratin Sulfate-Free Shampoos  - 15ml

Keratinworks post-keartin Conditioners  - 15ml


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